The Deafening Silence

The Deafening Silence


The Silence was deafening!
The Hurt that grew was even more deafening!
Grim faces kept on growing,
The warmth losing its sheen…

Seemed all was lost,
Seemed nothing will work,
Seemed the warmth will never rise up,
With frustrations growing by the day!

Thought prayer was in vain,
Thought nothing can be mended,
Thought nothing can be glued,
To bring back the sheen…

Now, all of a sudden,
There came a glimmer,
A golden speck,
That will bring the sheen back…

The future doesn’t seem bleak,
The stars are starting to swell,
The waves starting to break and lap,
There is light at the end of the tunnel!


Drifting Away…

Life becomes bleak,
When someone close,
Distrusts you,
To the point of break up…

With no reason,
With no treason,
With no persuasion,
When words tumble down…

You are only left,
With loneliness,
With solitude,
As your soulmate

When you still,
Love that someone,
Without any boundaries,
This outburst kills you…

Inside and out,
Feelings bursting at the seams,
Feeling overwhelmed with sadness,
I drift away…

Knowing not how to sail,
Knowing not how to fly,
Knowing not how to smile,
I drift away…

Solitary silhouettes,
Keeping me company,
I drift away…

I drift away,
Into the unknown,
Into the wild, wild world,
Into nothingness…

I may not return,
As I feel it’s my end,
I feel I’ve got to go,
I feel this is my last bow…

Father’s Womb

An unearthly wail,
One that’s unheard,
Ever in time,
Comes from the Father’s womb…

A wail that’s saddening,
A wail that’s unheartening,
A wail full of unheard emotions,
Flowing forth from the Father’s womb…

The outcry will always go unheard,
It’s the cry of the unborn,
It’s the cry of the baby,
Whom he can never father…

The wail fills his heart, his mind, his soul,
And all that he is,
With all that he has,
It’s a wail that can never be appeased…

Smouldering smoke billowing inside,
Now ablaze as a fiery volcano,
The lone father walks into the unknown,
With the wail reaching a crescendo…

The Dirty Picture

Lonely Man on Pier

Looking up at the ceiling,

Knowing not when it will fall down,

Knowing not when the rains will come,

To drench him in his sleep…


The dirty room,

Painting the dirty picture,

Haunting him day and night,

Killing him slowly and stealthily…


With heaps of clothes,

Decorating the room,

With dust adorning the room,

The room is painted dirty in rainbow colours…


The dirty picture,

Has taken away his sweet dreams,

The dirty picture,

Has left his life hollow…


When he dreams of a sweet home,

They are cut down by sharp swords,

Of hate, tears, words and deeds,

The dirty picture lingers on and on…


Every day he steps in,

With thoughts to ignite passion,

Every day he sleeps lonely,

With suppressed n’ unfurled passion…


Every day he seeks love,

Every day he seeks care,

Every day he seeks attention,

But every day he sleeps lonely…


The love of his life has flown afar,

Standing far she turns her back,

As though telling him to back away,

He is back again into loneliness…


Every day he sends his love,

Every day he shows he care,

Every day he caresses her,

Only to realize that all is in vain…


Is it because – she lost her respect?

Is it because – she hates him?

Is it because – there is no more love?

Or is it because – he is impotent?


Every day his mind is churning,

With pain and torment…

Every day he is lying naked,

With unreturned love…


He tried facing her with her disdain,

She sees each attempt as bouts of jealousy,

Ignoring him and his attempts to seek love,

She pushes him again into loneliness…


Down on his knees, with a heavy heart,

He looks up to his Lord in the heavens,

Asking him to give his love back,

And live life in sublime love…


He knows not – when that time will deflower,

For him to become one with her,

To push forth his passion and love,

To feel her love and care…


Every day with trust in the Lord,

He is waiting for her,

To step out of the dirty picture – and live life,

With all the love, care, sharing and passion they once shared…


Life is becoming meaningless,
Without a life,
To live for,
To love for,
And be passionate about…

Living someone else’s life,
Hopes, aspirations and time,
Living in a shell,
Handcrafted by someone else,
Life loses all meaning…

Heart in trauma,
Thoughts enslaved,
Limbs abound,
I am just a slave,
Of someone else’s aspirations…

In life’s arena,
Waging someone else’s war,
Freedom just a clasp away,
Alas! It’s shrouded,
By someone else’s thoughts…

I am just a slave,
Living someone else’s life,
In someone else’s mind,
In someone else’s world,
A world wrapped so tight…

Living in someone else’s world,
That’s trapped shut,
With nothing but fear,
with nothing but insolence,
With nothing but doubts…

Love has left our abode,
With this charade,
Going on and on and on,
Every single day,
Making life war-torn…

I wanna fly away,
Flee – to safety,
And build my own lonely life,
That’s the best,
When you lose your freedom!

The day is nearing close,
When this charade,
Is repeated time and again,
To flee and be away,
And be alone – lost in time!

In Chains

I feel shrouded,
I feel I am in chains,
I feel downtrodden,
I feel caged…

Emptiness enveloping me,
Emotion overcrowding my brain,
Eluding my thoughts,
Eloping from life…

I feel I am in chains,
I feel caged,
Caged without boundaries,
Caged beyond sense…

Every thought, every moment, every sense,
Screaming for relief,
Screaming for sense,
Screaming for fullness…

Alas! I am caged without boundaries,
My chains burden me down,
With every step of the way,
I scream for relief…

My plea is long pending,
Will ever be so,
As life is in chains,
And will all the more be…

Nonsense prevailing over sense,
Wrong prevailing over truth,
what is the world coming to?
What is life coming to???

Ups and downs,
All in chains,
Hope lost,
All’s lost!

My cry for sense,
My cry for truth,
My cry for fullness,
Is going unnoticed…

I feel so lonely,
As in darkness,
I feel pertubed,
Swimming in an emotional sea…

Sharks harvest my thoughts,
Hoofs trample my feelings,
I’ve lost track…
I feel lost…

Wedding Poems

One of my friends asked me to write a poem to insert into his wedding invitation. I wrote two. Find them below:

Wedding rings

As we trade vows today,
Our heart and soul tangles,
Ready to be made ONE out of two,
A mystery beyond time…

Nature stands still – watching us,
Two sweet beings,
About to gallop headlong,
Into love…

Into a life full of love,
We step into…
Holding hands, together always,
Walking headstrong…

We step into,
The sweetness of life…
It’s love all around,
We are basking in its warmth…

We call you all,
To partake in our celebration,
To share with us,
Our unbounded joy of being in love..


Love opened doors,
So subtly, so silently,
Even we were caught unawares,
As she crept silently into our hearts…

Making all our moments,
So precious, so out of the world…
Inseparable we became,
Basking in the mystery of love…

Agonizing were those moments,
Of separation, of desperation,
Of loneliness, of being torn apart,
Our love was tested time and again…

On this special day,
Having triumphed all odds,
We step into another dimension,
Together, holding hands…

Shoulder to shoulder,
Head to head,
Heart to heart,
Full of love and joy…

Savoring every moment,
We share our vows,
To be with each other,
To share, care and love…

Through thick and thin,
Through heaven and high storm,
Through dawn and dusk,
Through Spring and Winter…

As we share our vows,
We need you at our side,
To shower blessings and wish good tidings,
All the way…